The 4/20 Wake & Bake Playlist

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Kick off 4/20 with our Wake & Bake playlist.

It’s every stoner’s favorite day, despite the fact that for a weed-smoking enthusiast, 4/20 is pretty much “just an average day.” Still, it’s an excuse to rejoice and revel in your personal smoking habits and celebrate them with like-minded individuals.

Our Wake & Bake playlist on Spotify is a selection of weed-friendly jams, including some of our most revered weed-friendly rappers. Not every song on the playlist is an obvious ode to marijuana, however, each song has a vibe that aligns with, or is enhanced by, the green plant.

4/20 has become more and more of a mainstream fixture as marijuana itself moves into the pop culture spotlight, thanks to legalization happening around the world, with the U.S. House of Representatives recently passing a bill that pushes for legalization at a federal level— although the bill must pass the Senate next.

All that to say, the change in the way that marijuana is both viewed and discussed in mainstream culture, much like hip-hop, has been in a state of flux the past few years, shifting from one view to another. At the same time, this is allowing for the business of marijuana to go through a boom, much like how the business of hip-hop exploded years earlier (and continues to, thanks to melodic-driven rap becoming pretty much the standard in pop music too). It’s worth noting, though, that these two industries actually support each other— it’s become commonplace for rappers and artists to either collaborate with a partner to produce their own strains or else grow and distribute themselves, alongside many a smoke-related merch item.

Today, however, is not necessarily a day to sit back and analyze the business of marijuana or hip-hop, it’s a day to sit back and smoke a joint/blunt/whatever your preferred method. Listen to our expertly-curated playlist to help with the process, and run through our many episodes of How to Roll on YouTube.

Let us know what strain you’ll be smoking on today in the comment section.

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