Justine Skye Calls Out Giveon For Dropping “Weak Ass Song” Days After Her New Music

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Justine Skye labeled Giveon’s new track a “weak ass song” ahead of its release.

Justine Skye slammed Giveon’s upcoming track as “weak” ahead of its release, later this month. The Space And Time singer had been responding to a fan who brought to her attention that she and Giveon have songs releasing within days of each other.

“I already know what this weak ass song sounds like anyway,” she wrote on Twitter, this week. “It’s not what y’all think it’ll be.”

Skye’s track, “What A Lie” is set to release on April 22, while Giveon’s “Lie Again” drops on April 29.

Justine Skye, Giveon
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Skye and Giveon cut things off between each other, last year, after Skye claimed that Giveon had cheated on her. In December, she explained on Instagram Live what it was like being in a committed relationship with someone who was unfaithful.

“As soon as he would hang up off the phone with me, as soon as he would hang up with me, he would literally be texting bitches like ‘FaceTime me. What are you doing? I’m here. Why aren’t you calling me?’” she revealed.

“I was just like, wow, I can’t believe, like, this is who he is,” she added. “Like, that’s insane.”

Check out Skye’s take on Giveon’s new song below.


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