DJ Envy Defends 50 Cent Against Benzino’s Threats Of Legal Action

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The radio host calls Fif his “brother” and questions on what grounds Benzino would have a case.

In an industry where people are often stabbing one another in the back or turning on friends in order to have a viral moment, DJ Envy is standing ten toes down for 50 Cent. Recently, Fif created a firestorm after calling out Benzino and Young Buck over allegations of involvement with transwomen. Benzino came forward to shut down the rumors that he had a relationship with trans actress Shauna Brooks, but Fif’s remarks had already gone viral.

Benzino returned with threats of legal action and while out and about with his wife Gia, Envy was asked about his friend possibly facing a lawsuit. “I don’t know what he would sue 50 for,” said Envy. “I mean, 50’s my brother and I think everybody knows that, but I don’t know why [Benzino] would sue. What is he suing 50 for?”

“I don’t know what [Benzino’s] love life is or his sex life is, but if it was public, I don’t think you can sue somebody,” Envy stated. “I don’t know, you could sue anybody for anything in today’s age. But I mean, good luck.” The cameraperson wasn’t letting him off of the hook and continued to question Envy about Fif calling people out, specifically Young Buck and the LGBTQIA+ community. They also brought up 50 Cent recently mentioning Jay-Z trying to mirror Jean-Michel Basquiat.

Envy told the paparazzo that they would have to save those questions for 50 Cent because he wasn’t sure what the Rap mogul was thinking. “When I look at Fif, when I say he’s my brother, you know when your brother can’t do nothin’ wrong, he can’t do nothin’ wrong in my book.”

Check out DJ Envy going to bat for 50 Cent below.


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