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Tory Lanez Slows Things Down On “Taken Care”



The singer delivers another edition of Fargo Fridays.

While some music lovers are enjoying New Music Friday, Tory Lanez is offering his take for Fargo Friday. The singer has been entangled in a bit of controversy over the past week but he’s shifting focus in hopes of drawing attention to his new track, “Taken Care.” The head-bopping R&B single initially comes across as a vibe that may be romantic, but when you dissect the lyrics, Lanez is spinning a tale about a toxic relationship that may need to come to an end.

The singer enthusiastically announced the song’s release online. “HAPPY FARGO FRIDAY,” he wrote on Instagram. “Had to drop some rnb for my ladies to LOVE THEMSELVES TO !!! ……. #TakenCare … OUT NOW.”

Fans have taken to timelines to applaud Lanez on the diversity of his catalog because they never know if they’re going to receive a smooth slow jam or a fast-moving Rap track. This time, they’re soaking in some R&B. Stream “Taken Care” and let us know what you think.

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