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Sy Ari Da Kid & Benny The Butcher Are Dialed In On “Press 0”

Via No I In Team

Via No I In Team

Full of immaculate flows and riveting storytelling, “Press 0” is a prime example of what current-day East Coast Hip Hop has to offer.

It’s pretty difficult to go wrong with direct, driven lyricism over a well-constructed soul sample. The auditory experience is based in the foundation of connection – the sample sings directly to the spirit and the lyrics are a message to the mind. Unifying both forces has been a recipe for Hip Hop for as long as history can remember, and Sy Ari Da Kid is keeping that lineage alive.

Though he doesn’t see himself as just a “New York rapper,” as shown by the absurd level of versatility in his discography (on recent projects like Sy Ari Not Sorry and Alone But Not Lonely), Sy Ari excels within that specific pocket of Hip Hop. He has a knack for timing and cadences, varying the placement of words in ways that make even his simpler statements stand out. On “Press 0,” he details some of the difficult undertakings he’s been a part of and his climb up the proverbial ladder.

Benny The Butcher comes through for the second verse, bringing along an unmistakable presence and unmitigated honesty. He speaks on getting too comfortable in his abilities and being off his game – simultaneously delivering a fantastic verse (which is a facetious antithesis to this notion). He’s clearly in album mode, and Tana Talk 4 is fast approaching.

Listen to “Press 0” below.

Quotable Lyrics

Lace up your sneakers, we never belonged here,
Cuz whether you make it to heaven or not,
The devil was born there

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