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Alex Isley & Jack Dine Deliver “Love Again”

Alex Isley

Alex Isley

Alex Isley returns with Jack Dine for another soothing collaborative record, “Love Again.”

If you’re not yet familiar with singer Alex Isley, you should be. For more than one reason. The least of which is the fact that she is the daughter of Isley Brothers’ Ernie Isley. However, detaching her from her famed parental units, she’s a talented vocalist in her own right. Hence, we previously featured her in our Next Generation of R&B feature, highlighting the soon-to-be movers and shakers of the genre. It’s safe to say we’re fans.

We’re excited to see Alex Isley has finally made a return, in time for Valentine’s Day with the appropriately-titled and themed “Love Again,” featuring production from her mainstay Jack Dine. Dine has allowed Isley to truly blossom into her own sound and style, and they seem to be inseparable these days when it comes to Isley’s output. The last collab they released was in November, featuring Robert Glasper, “Still Wonder.”

This serves as Alex Isley’s first official release of 2022, and hopefully it hints at a larger project to come. If we wanted to get detective-y about it, we would point out that the cover art for both “Love Again” and “Still Wonder,” are clearly styled similarly, perhaps alluding to a larger theme or a connection of some sort– time will tell.

Meanwhile, we have this dreamy new single, where Isley gives the listener and herself hope to find love, once again. Whether you’re in a relationship or fresh out of one, this record is soothing.

Let us know if you’re a fan of Alex Isley.

Quotable Lyrics

The thought of your arms, I’m already safe
Thought I had done it all, but I’ve got some grace
Even a bit of time, and space
Reset on my heart in a brand new slate
You make me feel like I can love again

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