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Dr. Dre and Eminem Display God-Tier Rapping On “Gospel”

Via Aftermath/Interscope

Via Aftermath/Interscope

The dynamic duo levitated over this beat as only they could.

Dr. Dre and Eminem have been attacking instrumentals with an intensity like no other, for upwards of two decades now. Dre, noted for spearheading the West Coast beatmaking and production scene, undoubtedly knows his way around delivering a verse. Since the early 90s, Dre’s unmistakable voice and presence has been everything from a catalyst for club bangers, to an apt addition to anthems. He is considered one of the most revered and decorated producer/artists ever, and whenever he speaks, the rap game listens.

Eminem, as you may not know, is a pretty solid rapper in his own regard. Not a massive deal, really, he’s only one of the highest selling music artists across the globe. Em consistently tops “Greatest Rapper Of All-Time” conversations among some demographics, those of which cite his innate ability to rhyme any and everything in unexpected patterns and irregular rhythms. Together, they form one of hip hop’s most respected and volatile tag teams, responsible for some incredible entries in rap’s archives.

Their newest contribution to the history books comes by way of “Gospel,” a track featured in Dre’s The Contract, an expansion to fifth (numbered) game in the Grand Theft Auto franchise. Dre boasts an incredibly aggressive delivery on this track, while taking some jabs at his divorce as well, saying he’s “just looking for his next gold digger.” Em provides exactly what is expected of him: an intersyllabic showcase of a craft that’s been perfectly honed over time.

Em also managed to mention his beef with MGK, but you’ll have to listen closely to dissect the slight diss he delivered.

You can listen to “Gospel,” and a host of new tracks from Dr. Dre, on all streaming platforms.

Quotable Lyrics

You are now dealing with a monster,
Off sh*t, profits,
Doc Dre, b*tch, I’m a prophet,
Black Wall Street, n****s know where the stock is

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