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Lupe Fiasco Shares New Song “100 Chicagos”



Lupe Fiasco unveils his latest single, “100 Chicagos.”

It’s been a few years since Lupe Fiasco unveiled his last studio album but that isn’t to say he hasn’t been actively releasing music. Though the majority of his output from the past few years isn’t available on streaming services, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram have been trusted outlets that has made his music readily available for his fans.

This week, Lupe Fiasco slid through with a brand new single titled, “100 Chicagos.” Ripping through the atmospheric production with the strength of his pen, Fiasco doesn’t bother with a hook on this one as he pays homage to his city, including a witty shout out to Virgil Abloh. It’s a firm reminder of Lupe’s wordplay and elite-level lyricism that he’s put pride in from the start of his career.

Earlier this month, Lupe Fiasco dropped off “Select Players” where he dropped bars over the Street Fighter 2 theme song. Perhaps, a new project is coming sooner than we think. Check out his latest song, “100 Chicagos” below.

Quotable Lyrics
Generatin’ zen with some night sword practice
Rest In Peace, Virg’, LV is Vice Lord backwards
A simple flip of the monogram
That ain’t shit, I had similes on my sonogram
My mama’s man, before I was born, I was doin’ reconnaissance
My barber told me how to chop a n***a with my choppa hand

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