Logic Announces “Vinyl Days” Album By Rapping On Jay-Z’s Microphone

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It looks as if the rapper is inspired by nostalgia as he shares previews of his new album.

Jay-Z once said, “Can’t leave Rap alone the game needs me,” and it looks as if that’s the same sentiment Logic has about his career. The rapper previously made a grand exit from his music career by announcing his retirement, but he just couldn’t stay away. Logic has dipped his toes in various aspects of the entertainment industry but when it comes to taking to the mic, he isn’t quite finished just yet.

In his post-retirement-not-really-retired life, Logic has shared collaborations with stellar producer Madlib under the merged name of MadGic, and he’s also delivered a single with his good friend Juicy J among other releases, and he’s gearing up for more.

It looks as if there is a new album on the horizon as Logic shared a snippet of a track that he said will make an appearance on the record, Vinyl Days. In a preview, Logic shared videos where he rapped on a coveted microphone while showing off what he’s been working on.

“This is JAY-Z‘s microphone,” he said as he showed off the piece of equipment. “No I.D. gave it to me.” While Logic has yet to share information about when fans can expect Vinyl Days, he’s sure to tell the world when the time is right. Check out the previews below.

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