New & Hottest Songs – December 2021 – Pt.49

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Freddie Gibbs Continues To Troll Dr. Umar Johnson On LE$’s “Chrome Lips”



LE$ and Freddie Gibbs connect on “Chrome Lips.”

LE$ delivered his latest project on Friday, E30. Stacked with 10 songs in total, with appearances from many of the game’s favorite MCs, he capped off 2021 on a high note following the release of projects like LE$ Is More and Stay Down. Once again, LE$ locks in with Freddie Gibbs for a highlight off of the project titled, “Chrome Lips.” Laced with smooth, candy-painted production, LE$ reflects on leveling up his hustle regularly. His slow, laid-back flow reflects on making his way on up from the streets to rap.

Gibbs jumps on the track with a soulful, melodious flow that he’s exhibited briefly in the past. However, he expands beyond that with rapid-fire flows before diving back into the melodies. At one point, Gibbs is in his R&B bag as he continues to troll Dr. Umar Johnson who he previously challenged to a boxing match. “Dr. Umar can’t take a punch, he takin’ donations,” Gibbs sings on the record.

Check out the record below and sound off in the comments with your thoughts.

Quotable Lyrics
It’d fly by night
We smoke pounds of the ZaZaZa
Peace to the n***as that rep this KTR, this shit is ride or die
Called his ass a doctor, I clocked him, now he a whole patient
Used to have the crack for the free, I just took donations

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