Nicki Minaj Reflects On How Writing Her Own Hooks “Cut Through More To The Listener”

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Nicki Minaj reflected on Twitter about songs she personally wrote herself.

Nicki Minaj discussed the difference between writing her own music and using hooks that have been sent to her, on Twitter, Saturday. Minaj explained that she realized the songs that she’s personally written have connected more with her fanbase.

In the first of a series of tweets, Minaj explained that she is responsible for “Moment 4 Life,” “Did It On’em,” “Beez In The Trap,” “High School,” as well as “probably the whole pink Friday album” and “most of all the album cuts on my albums.”

Nicki Minaj, Writing
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She clarified that “Other ‘writers’ names’ are added for sampling, adlibs, feature, production, etc.”

Minaj reflected: “Looking back the songs I write the hook on cut through more to the listener. I think. Once u get successful ppl start sending you hooks on beats they chose & I think the artistry starts getting lost.”

“Just b/c u didn’t write the hook doesn’t always mean it don’t cut through tho. If u body the verses. Like ‘Hard White, LLC’ but listening back to the ones I wrote the hook puts me in this emotional place cuz I remember the mind frame I was in and where I was in life.”

Check out Minaj’s tweets below.


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