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Lupe Fiasco Gives Virgil Abloh A Heartwarming Send-Off In “V.F.”

Lupe Fiasco/Instagram

Lupe Fiasco/Instagram

Virgil forever.

On Sunday, November 28, Virgil Abloh passed away from a years-long battle with cancer, and days later, the world is still coming to terms with the loss one of its greatest creatives. Tributes have continued to pour in from the Hip-Hop community, and now, Lupe Fiasco has come forward with a song that pays homage to his fellow Chicagoan.

Lupe’s latest track, titled “V.F.,” is currently only available as a video on his social media, and it features both Virgil’s thoughts and Lupe’s rhymes over footage from the star-studded memorial Louis Vuitton show earlier this week. In the intro, Virgil Abloh speaks about embracing one’s creativity and inhibitions, and Lupe follows his late friend — who worked closely with the Drill Music In Zion creator on his 2020 EP HOUSE — with a heartfelt verse that references everything from his signature designs to his impact on popular culture.

While fans wait to see if Lupe Fiasco’s new song gets uploaded to YouTube and other DSPs, you can check it out for yourself below. Rest in peace, Virgil Abloh.

Quotable Lyrics

V for vector, F for file
If you rearrange file, what that give you? Yeah, wow
Wish I could give you that now
All on the side of you soul/sole in your signature handstyle
Virgil forever, we visit the man child
A tailor sits down to make his own suit from the tie to his boots
The thread is breath and the fabric is the youth
Make his own ties they only made us a noose
On black, yeah
The cuff is all of us and the buttons are the truth
Even his caps are the facts
My nigga, can you believe that?

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