Freddie Gibbs Gets Memed For Oscar Trophy Impression

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Oscar Gibbs?

Freddie Gibbs‘ music and his internet presence has created one of the most intriguing figures in modern hip-hop. While his menacing street rap is all business, his online persona is full of memes and hilarity, as he uses Twitter as an outlet for his humor.

On Wednesday (Nov. 24), Freddie tweeted a video of himself in a gold suit jacket, playfully mimicking an Oscar trophy: “I’m a Oscar.”

The Twitter-sphere soon got ahold of the video and began meme-ifying Gibbs, photoshopping him as an Oscar trophy with his stiff pose.

By coincidence, Freddie could be looking to secure his own Oscar trophy at the 2022 Academy Awards in March. His film debut Down With The King was recently picked up by Sony Pictures for major distribution in the United States.

Freddie’ main character will portray a rapper who is also a farmer in France, preparing for his follow-up album to his breakout debut. When speaking on the film, Freddie explained that the director Diego Ongaro made it easy for him to be comfortable on the big screen: “That’s all a tribute to Diego. He really babied me, you know. This is my first thing, so he taught me how to crawl, then walk. He made it easy for me.”

So, while Freddie is preparing for his move to hit theaters, he may be trying to manifest an award for his performance. An Oscar may a far-fetched goal, but there is nothing wrong with shooting for the stars.

Watch the hilarious video of Freddie below.

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