Mel B Cut From Adele’s TV Special After Dropping Sex Toy Joke: Report

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Adele performed to a celebrity-filled audience who asked her questions about her music and personal life, but Mel B reportedly made things awkward.

If it feels as if Adele mania has taken over the globe, it sort of has. The acclaimed singer recently released 30, her highly-anticipated album that has fans swept up in Pop ballads about love, heartbreak, and healing. Adele even managed to get Spotify to ax its shuffle option for her record because she was insistent that it should be listened to in order. With that much power behind her machine, it doesn’t come as a surprise that Mel B was cut from Adele’s recent TV special.

There have been plenty of moments from ITV’s An Audience with Adele that have gone viral, showing the singer center stage, quite literally, as her celebrity peers in the audience ask her questions about her personal life and experiences.

According to Page Six, Mel B was in the audience and was set to ask Adele about the best gift she ever received. It was a question that the Spice Girls icon reportedly thought was silly, so she offered an off-the-cuff remark and said she knew it was a vibrator. The outlet stated that the moment quickly turned awkward because no one laughed at the joke.

Adele reportedly brushed it off and kept things moving, but in the final cut, Mel did not make an appearance. The network reportedly opted out of airing Mel’s moment because it came across as uncomfortable and they were concerned with their young viewers. This news comes on the heels of reports that an Australian reporter’s interview with Adele was trashed after he admitted to the singer that he hadn’t even heard her album


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