DaniLeigh Slams Writer’s Accusation That She Denied Being Black

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Blue Telusma also claimed DaniLeigh told her she likes “Black music and Black men and I wish Black women weren’t so jealous about it.”

That “Yellow Bone” controversy is something that DaniLeigh could only hope would fade, but it has resurfaced thanks to writer Blue Telusma. The journalist relayed a story on Hollywood Unlocked about an encounter she had with DaniLeigh that included an uncomfortable conversation about the singer allegedly claiming she isn’t Black.

There has been controversy about this topic as fans debated whether or not DaniLeigh is Afro-Latina. According to Blue, she asked the singer directly. “I was on an Afro-Latina panel with DaniLeigh several weeks before ‘Yellow Bone’ and behind the scenes while they were doing mic checks and everything, we were talking about the Afro-Latin experience,” said Blue.

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“She was real candid with me and she told me directly to my face, ‘I don’t consider myself Black but I like Black music and Black men and I wish Black women weren’t so jealous about it.’ She said it to my face.” Blue said she responded by telling DaniLeigh never to utter those words in public and informed her she needed to be educated on Afro-Latin experiences.

“A couple weeks later that song comes out and I’m like, ‘Oop, she didn’t listen to me, right? So, I know for a fact that DaniLeigh does not consider herself Black, and if she’s changing her story, I’m calling cap because she told me to my face that she does not consider herself Black but she uses the n-word.”

DaniLeigh reacted to these remarks by denying Blue’s accusation and adding that she referred to herself as Afro-Latina while on the panel. Later, she returned to Hollywood Unlocked‘s comment section to follow up.

“Lord …. I just will never get away from this… [facepalm emoji][sad emoji] y’all want me to be such a evil person and have such a ugly heart but it’s not gon happen.. no one on this internet has met me in real life ! It’s unfortunate this is something that’s being brought up to bring me down . Cause it’s so nasty. I don’t even like addressing it to bring it attention , but it’s like calling me a rapist, when I didn’t do it . F*ck man [broken heart emoji]”

Watch Blue share her story below.


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