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Earl Sweatshirt Gets Back To His Roots On “2010”

Tan Cressida/Warner Records

Tan Cressida/Warner Records

Earl Sweatshirt returns with his first solo release since 2019’s “Feet Of Clay”

In the six years since Earl Sweatshirt released I Don’t Like Shit I Don’t Go Outside, the now 27-year-old has extensively experimented with his sound. 2018’s Some Rap Songs saw Earl slow down, and create an avante-garde record that opened the doors for 2019’s Feet Of Clay.

With a handful of recent features and Alchemist‘s claims that Sweatshirt’s new project is “incredible,” the buzz surrounding a potential Earl drop has been building, and today, the “Chum” rapper blessed us with a new single, “2010.”

Ryosuke Tanzawa

Over shimmering Black Noi$e production, Earl gets all the way back to his roots, and taps into a flow reminiscent of his 2014/2015 raps. “2010” is Sweatshirt at his best, “rapping vivid introspections on his humble beginnings and reflecting on his trajectory of success to date,” and this record is a true preview of whatever he drops next, longtime Earl fans should be very, very excited.

Quotable Lyrics
Had a full plate, you ain’t wanna split it
Tell it to you straight, you ain’t wanna listen
Cup runneth over the brim
Bust open, there’s no closin’ the lid

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