Young Dolph Was Reportedly Buying Cookies For His Mom When He Was Killed

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More details surrounding the tragic circumstances of Young Dolph’s passing are being revealed.

Horrible news was reported today as it has been revealed that Memphis rapper Young Dolph was shot and killed today. The shooting took place in Memphis as Dolph was shopping at a local bakery called Makeda’s Cookies. The news came as a shock to many people, and as it stands, there are dozens of fans standing outside of the crime scene as a way to pay their respects to the fallen artist.

Dolph was one of those artists who always repped his city and he was looking to do big things with his Paper Route Empire label. At 36 years old, Dolph was still evolving as an artist and fans couldn’t wait to hear what he was going to do next. Now, with more details emerging, fans are even more devastated by the circumstances that led to his passing.

Young Dolph

Bennett Raglin/Getty Images for BET

According to DJ Akademiks, sources are saying that Dolph was purchasing cookies for his mom moments before the shooting. From there, shooters pulled up to the store in a car and began to shoot through the window. Akademiks reports that Dolph tried to shoot back, however, he eventually succumbed to his injuries. There is now speculation that the perpetrators spotted Dolph due to his camo Lamborghini which has become a staple in Memphis.



Just six days ago, Makeda’s Cookies had posted Dolph on their Instagram account as he was a huge fan of their treats. The clip below is a true testament to how much Dolph loved his city and the people he came across.

This is a developing story that we are currently following very closely. As updates continue to surface, we will be sure to bring them to you.

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