Winnie Harlow Calls Nicki Minaj “The Queen Of Hip Hop” & Denies Cardi B Shade

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Harlow presented Nicki with an MTV EMA and fans assumed she was shading Cardi B.

During last night’s MTV EMAs, held in Budapest, supermodel Winnie Harlow presented Nicki Minaj with the Best Hip Hop award. During her presentation, Harlow dubbed Minaj “the one and only queen of hip hop,” and was clearly excited for the Pink Print.

Almost immediately, the internet twisted Harlow’s presentation of the award into something it wasn’t — shade at Cardi B.

Following Harlow’s EMA presentation, Twitter account @FemaleRapGame shared their thoughts on the “one and only queen of hip hop” label, writing “Winnie was right on time! Last night Halle Berry tried to be shady and said Cardi B is the Queen of Hip Hop. While announcing Nicki Minaj as the #emas hip hop winner, WINNIE cleared Halle and said Nicki Minaj is the ONLY queen of hip hop! I agree.” 

Referencing Halley Berry’s recent comments at her Bruised film premiere, where she called Cardi B “the queen of hip hop” while thanking her for her work on the Bruised soundtrack, @FemaleRapGame got a little ahead of themselves in assuming that Harlow was shading Cardi B, and Winnie let them know.

“I didnt see Halles speech at the time. I been a fan since middle school & have always felt that way,” Harlow wrote, in a quote tweet. “I didnt know Nicki won until they handed me the envelope backstage but I’m proud af. Cardi is a sweetheart to me. What shade? I’m a fan of both.”

While Harlow was quick to dead the notion that she was taking a shot at Cardi B, this is just another example of fans jumping to the conclusion that she and Minaj have beef. Between the low-key jabs and seemingly endless flow of supposed subliminals, it seems like social media is constantly trying to manufacture a blood feud between two of the most successful women in hip-hop history. And the fact that Harlow had to address the notion that her EMA presentation was shade speaks to just how badly Cardi and Nicki fans want beef.

What do you think of Winnie Harlow clarifying she wasn’t shading Cardi B? Let us know down in the comments.

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