Wale Announces “Under A Blue Moon” Tour Dates

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The “New Balances” rapper is going on tour.

Right before Wale released Folarin II back on October 22, he released a trailer for the record, that featured clips of his old music videos, running in chronological order up until the present time.

In a similar move, Wale has announced the dates for his upcoming “Under A Blue Moon” tour, and included another video to go along with it.

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As a compilation of Wale concerts, including the DMV rapper on stage and interacting with fans outside of venues, names of cities across the United States flash, one by one, until we have a full list of tour stops. Clips from The Office and the infamous Bart Scott “Can’t wait!” audio plays as the “Under A Blue Moon” tour name is announced.

However, despite his encouragement to “Pull up,” to his tour, this announcement comes on the heels of Wale putting his management on blast for delaying the announcement for more than a week, so that “new artwork” could be acquired.

Check below for a full list of tour dates and locations, and let us know if you’ll be grabbing Wale tickets when he comes to your city.

“Under A Blue Moon” Tour Dates
1/12/22: Nashville, TN
1/13/22: Chattanooga, TN
1/15/22: Huntsville, AL
1/16/22: Birmingham, AL
1/17/22: Atlanta, GA
1/18/22: Raleigh, NC
1/20/22: Silver Springs, MD
1/21/22: Baltimore, MD
1/23/22: Philadelphia, PA
1/24/22: New York, NY
1/25/22: Boston, MA
1/28/22: Cincinnati, OH
1/29/22: Detroit, MI
1/30/22: Indianapolis, IN
1/31/22: Chicago, IL
2/2/22: Kansas City, MO
2/3/22: St. Louis, MO
2/6/22: Denver, CO
2/8/22: Seattle, WA
2/10/22: Oakland, CA
2/15/22: Los Angeles, CA
2/16/22: San Diego, CA
2/17/22: Phoenix, AZ
2/19/22: San Antonio, TX
2/21/22: Dallas, TX
2/24/22: New Orleans, LA
2/25/22: Mobile, AL
2/26/22: Jackson, MS
3/1/22: Little Rock, AR
3/2/22: Memphis, TN

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