T-Pain Claims Usher Lied About Contacting Him Over “F*cked Up Music” Comment

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T-Pain recalled Usher telling him he “f*cked up music” and in a later interview, Usher claimed that he spoke with T-Pain and they were now “good.”

It looks like a case of he said-he said now that T-Pain has given an update to his controversy with Usher. Over the summer, a clip from Netflix’s This is Pop circulated and in it, T-Pain is shown relaying a tale about a conversation he had with Usher while on a flight. According to the autotune icon, Usher told him that he “f*cked up music” back in 2013 and it was a comment that struck a nerve.

One month later in an interview, Usher acknowledged T-Pain’s remarks and said it was “intended to uplift,” however, “if people get pieces of it, they can always have some other interpretation.” Usher added that he had spoken with T-Pain and that they were “good.”

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In a recent interview with Angie Martinez, T-Pain claimed that he hasn’t had a conversation with the singer.

“So I hit Usher after the interview came out, and I was like, ‘Yo, I’m sure you saw what’s going on,’ and then all he texted me back was ‘Let’s not text, let’s talk.’ And I was like, ‘Cool, hit me up.’” Yet, T-Pain said that he never heard from Usher but later read the interview with the Confessions star saying they had already had a conversation.

T-Pain took it all in stride and laughed through his story, so it doesn’t look as if he’s bothered by any of it. Check out his interview with Angie Martinez below.

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