JoJo Gets Answers From Tinashe & Wale After Questioning Labels Marketing Artists On TikTok

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She wanted to know if labels telling artists to “find a way” to “go viral on tik tok” is a good marketing strategy.

We’re seeing a growing number of artists get their launches after going viral on TikTok these days, and it can be a blessing and a curse. While many unsigned or independent artists have grown fanbases into the millions after having a snippet of their songs circulate on the popular social media platform, major labels artists are also raking in fans and big bucks for their labels.

Record labels are utilizing these social media spaces in their promotions, artist introductions, and rollouts, once again shifting how the game is played. R&B veteran JoJo posed a question about this type of fame growth and marketing over on Twitter, and it prompted responses from several of her peers including Wale and Tinashe.

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“Do you think ‘find a way to make your music go viral on tik tok’ is a fair /creative/ effective/ efficient marketing strategy proposal from a record label? Asking for a friend,” she tweeted. Soon, she was hit with hundreds of responses from people who believed that labels are forcing artists to do the jobs of those that represent them.

“Any proposed strategy that relies on you ‘making’ anything go viral is literally lazy,” Tinashe replied. Wale added, “We got the same friend!” suggesting that he may have been told the same thing by a label. Read through a few more reactions below and let us know if this is a formidable strategy or of you believe labels need to work harder for their artists.

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