Ashanti is in the process of re-recording all of her classic albums à la Taylor Swift because she’s apparently got her own Scooter Braun holding her back and pocketing millions off of her back. With Taylor Swift expected to nab the #1 spot on the charts with Red (Taylor’s Version), Ashanti seeks to make a similar impact when she begins dropping re-recorded versions of her old music, explaining that she’s doing this to teach people about the music business and why it’s so important to own your masters.

She spoke about her re-recording plans during a recent interview with Angie Martinez, during which she also spoke about a viral moment with Nelly in the middle of Fat Joe and Ja Rule’s Verzuz battle, and Irv Gotti wanted to clear the record and reveal that he’s essentially the reason why she needs to do all of this.

Jason Merritt/Getty Images

“@angiemartinez just for super clarity, I own all those great Ashanti Albums Angie,” commented Irv Gotti on Instagram. “I own the masters and I produced all those great Ashanti Albums. So I also own a good portion of the Publishing. What she is trying to do is re record all those great records and put them out on her label. She can do this under the COVER laws. But she is basically trying to fuck me out of my Masters. And make people decide which album to listen too or stream. Hoping her loyal fans will choose her version. But hey, I stand on the magic that was created. And I wanna see her duplicate that magic. It’s fucked up really. But such is life.”

Ashanti fans are flooding the comments to let Irv Gotti know that they’ll be listening to her re-recorded versions and deleting all of the old files. Will you be checking out Ashanti’s version, or are you sticking with the already released albums?