DJ Akademiks has accepted defeat at the hands of Freddie Gibbs. The hip-hop media personality and rapper have been feuding for weeks on social media but it looks like Akademiks is ready to hang up his gloves, letting Gibbs know that he’s no longer interested in fighting.

Shortly after his primary Instagram page was taken down on Wednesday morning, Akademiks was in contact with the social network and, according to whatever information he came across, he feels comfortable pointing a finger at Freddie Gibbs, accusing the rapper of being behind the shutdown. As a result, he no longer wants beef with Gibbs, waving the white flag on Twitter.

“I got my Instagram back… they said that @FreddieGibbs snitched on me … but I beat the case,” revealed Ak on Twitter. “Freddie I don’t want no more beef with u. U literally police. From here on out.. @FreddieGibbs I’m telling u .. u tweet at me it’s silence,” said Ak on Twitter. “U snitched on me to instagram.. u got it. U out internet me bro. Call J Prince .. cuz I don’t want no more smoke with u. U win. Just stop telling please.”

Gibbs denied being behind the shutdown, replying, “I don’t snitch pussy.” So while Akademiks might not want any problems with Gibbs, it doesn’t look like everything is clear between them.

Gibbs has new music coming out tonight — do you think we’ll hear some bars for Akademiks?