Boosie Badazz Admits Viral Confrontation With Gay Man Was Fake

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Boosie is working on his next film that he hopes will arrive on Christmas Day.

The back and forth trolling escapades involving Boosie Badazz and Lil Nas X seemed to have subsided for the time being, but the Louisiana rapper has continued to face accusations of homophobia. Boosie is never one to mince words when it comes to speaking out about pop culture hot topics and he previously took issues with how Lil Nas X promoted his albumMontero.

Between Nas X kissing a man on stage during award show performances and wearing a prosthetic pregnant belly for his album rollout, Boosie has repeatedly come forward in opposition, even telling Lil Nas X to take his own life. However, Boosie’s friends, including Big Freedia, deny that the rapper is homophobic and refute claims that Boosie has problems with gay people.

Later, a clip went viral showing Boosie being confronted by a gay man over his Lil Nas X comments, but it was noticed that there was a boom mic and cameras in the frame. People figured it was for a scene, but because Boosie called the man a “f*ggot” in the scene, he once again faced homophobic backlash.

In a recent interview with VladTV, Boosie admitted that it wasn’t a real confrontation.

“That was a film, we were doing a film and it was a part of a film. It didn’t happen in real life like that,” he said. “I was a scene to a film.” Boosie seemed cavalier about the whole thing but admitted that he took ore flack because of the clip. He added that it’s a film he’s putting out and it is slated for release on Christmas Day, but Boosie also mentioned that a Valentine’s Day release is also an option.

“It’s a great film. It’s the funniest film I damn near ever saw in my life,” said Boosie. “It’s that funny, bro. You gon’ have your stomach hurtin’. Like I say, Vlad, I’m dropping four films every year. I found a way.” Watch the clip of the interview below.

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