The calls for Bobby Shmurda‘s release were finally answered earlier this year. The rapper was finally free, coming home to a private jet filled with women and a briefcase presumably filled with cash. It was a celebratory occasion for New York and hip-hop as a whole, but the rapper held off for a few months before releasing new music.

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People weren’t immediately thrilled by his recent releases but beyond that, it was Bobby’s dance moves that left many scratching their heads. During a recent interview with DJ Akademiks, Bobby Shmurda offered a response to those questioning his “zesty” dance moves.

“We be laughin’ at that shit,” Shmurda said as Akademiks explained how his fans always send him videos of Bobby “twerking.” “You talkin’ ’bout the n***as or the girls? You talkin’ ’bout the n***as? It gotta be the n***as…. Alright, so those be the n***as that be like, ‘this n***a Bobby takin’ all the bitches, son. This n***a Bobby always fuckin’ on all the bitches.’”

He added, “Why if Chris Brown whine they ain’t say nothin’? Why if Beenie Man whine they don’t say nothin’?”

Akademiks explained that Bobby came into the game with dance moves, which was part of the appeal. However, people are less reluctant to embrace the moves since Shmurda’s always shirtless.

“N***as work out for n***as. When I was up in jail, I seen n***as workin’ out, right? And n***as like, ‘Yeah, son, I’m ready to knock somebody out.’ I be like, ‘this n***a trippin’,’” Bobby explained before mimicking the moves of someone lifting weights. “Get your ass away from me, n***a. I’m ready to knock some p*ssy out,” he added.

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