Ashanti’s Sister Details Severe Domestic Abuse At The Hands Of Well-Known Ex

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Last year, Shia Douglas shared a video showing her broken teeth, bloody face, and black eye. Later, 50 Cent called out her fiancé.

It came as a shock last year when it was revealed that Ashanti‘s sister, Kenashia “Shia” Douglas, was involved in a violent relationship. It was during the 32-year-old’s birthday post in 2020 that she revealed her battered face. Her teeth were knocked out, there was blood coming from her nose, she had a black eye, and she included video clips of her reconstruction surgery on her mouth and jaw.

The images stunned the public and at the time, 50 Cent reshared the devastating images and called out Shia’s fiancé, a man who goes by the name Slowbucks, because Fif was beefing with him. Shia and Slowbucks reportedly dated for 13 years and in a recent interview, she said that it was her first time addressing the controversy. However, she didn’t mention him by name.

Ashanti, Tina Douglas, Shia Douglas
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“I have a past experience with domestic abuse,” Shia told Angie Martinez. “I hadn’t spoken about it. I hadn’t communicated or even ever spoken to anyone outside of my family about what happened… It showed a lot of the real things that took place at that time. I had my teeth broken,” Shia said of her video. “I was engaged.”

Shia said that she wasn’t being abused throughout the relationship, but the last two or three years were when the violence began. Both Ashanti and the ladies’ mother were in the interview as well and their mom said she had to keep herself from going to jail. Martinez asked if it was someone who people knew and Ashanti quickly chimed in, “You know him!”

Check out Shia’s birthday video where she displays her injuries as well as the Angie Martinez interview below.

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