Ghostface Killah Is Ready To Collaborate With Silk Sonic: “Let’s Do Sh*t”

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Like millions of others, the Wu-Tang legend is feeling the magic of Silk Sonic but he can’t see to get Bruno Mars or Anderson .Paak on the line.

There was already mania surrounding Silk Sonic, but now that their album has finally been released, Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak are being hailed for their collaborative effort. As hits like “Leave the Door Open” and “Smokin’ Out the Window” have become favorites among fans, the singers’ peers are now boldly coming forward with requests to work with the pair and their band.

Prior to the release of An Evening with Silk SonicGhostface Killah was already a fan. The Wu-Tang icon remixed “Leave the Door Open” earlier this year, and in an interview with HipHopDX, Ghostface revealed he wants to work with the duo.

Ghostface Killah
Michael Loccisano / Staff / Getty Images

Ghost was able to laugh about some of the comments he received on his remix, including one from a fan who told him to “leave the door closed.” Jokes aside, he’s ready to hit the studio with Paak and Mars.

“Those are my beats right there,” he said. “Those are the beats they’re supposed to call me on and get on. You not supposed to leave me out of here. When I see Bruno, I’ma tell that n*gga that you can’t leave me out of that sh*t like that man.” Ghostface has also run into a few obstacles when trying to reach out to the singers.

“I never hit them up because, first of all, it’s hard to get in touch with these guys,” he added. “You can’t even DM them. They won’t see it unless they follow you. I wish I could get to them and talk to them and be like, ‘Yo let’s do sh*t. Let’s do a six-song project just for the f*ck of it.’ It’s music now. Let’s just do it. I’m ready for it.”

It would certainly make for an interesting album, indeed.


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