Teyana Taylor Defends Travis Scott, Has Seen Him Stop Shows

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She says things like this are not solely the responsibility of the artists and believes everyone, including staff, “is taking the proper precautions.”

The Astroworld tragedy remains under investigation as the future of Travis Scott‘s career hangs in the balance. The rapper has become the focal point of critics and backlash after his festival turned deadly. Eight people were killed in the fray, hundreds were injured, and reportedly, a nine-year-old is in a coma and a 22-year-old college student was declared brain dead after being trampled during the crowd surge.

Following his video statement regarding the tragedy, Scott has understandably remained out of the spotlight and off of social media. While there have been thousands of people wanting to shift the blame solely toward the rapper, there have been a select few who have come forward to defend him. The latest has been Teyana Taylor.

Taylor recently made headlines after she paused during her live show to check on someone in the audience. Later, TMZ ran into her at the airport and asked for her thoughts about the Astroworld controversy.

“I’ve always been that way. There’s plenty of videos of me stopping my shows to help my fans,” said Taylor. The cameraperson tried to bait the singer by saying that Scott does the opposite and incites his crowds. “There’s videos of him stopping his shows,” she answered. “It’s just, people are choosing whatever video they are choosing to choose to make it look as if he’s not, but I’ve seen videos of him stopping the show.”

When asked if this tragedy will change the course of how festivals work, Taylor wasn’t interested in getting roped into the conversation. “At the end of the day, I seen the video of him stopping the show, I think it’s very important for all artists to take precautions, proper precautions. But, also, the staffing as well. It’s not just the artists.”

“With Travis, he has a large crowd so we can’t expect him to see every single person. I think going forward, making sure everybody involved is taking the proper precautions.” Watch Teyana Taylor‘s video below.


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