Snoop Dogg says that his 1994 song, “Murder Was The Case,” was originally titled “D.A.V.E.,” short for “death after visualizing eternity.” The iconic west coast rapper discussed the track as well as his process for making music with Joe Rogan on the newest episode of his podcast.

Explaining how he goes about making a track, he explains, “Every song is different. Sometimes a song will come to me from hearing some shit or being out somewhere and be like ‘damn I want to make a song about’ whatever I just went through or whatever I’m going through or whatever is the moment. It’s always a different experience every time I make a song.”

Snoop Dogg, Joe Rogan
Jason Merritt/ TERM / Getty Images

As an example, Snoop revealed what was going through his brain when he made the track “Murder Was The Case.”

“The song ‘Murder Was The Case,’ I wrote that song because I was thinking about live after death,” he told Rogan. “The song was inicially called ‘D.A.V.E.’– death after visualizing eternity. It was crazy that I was thinking of shit like that and I made a song, ‘Murder Was The Case,’ that was about me losing my life, but before I lost my life I cut a deal with the devil, but then God came back and gave me another chance. That was in my mind, but when I wrote it, it just became some gangsta shit, but that was the premise behind it. And it was just in my head like ‘I want to write a song like this.’ Then three months later I caught a murder case in real life.”

50 Cent recently revealed that he plans on making a TV series centered around the murder case Snoop is referring to.

Snoop goes on to discuss the beef between east coast and west coast rappers during the ’90s, and more.

Check out Snoop’s appearance on The Joe Rogan Experience below.