Saweetie Claps Back At Troll With Piano-Playing Video

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Saweetie proves she could be Damson Idris’ piano teacher.

Saweetie has been the topic of conversation several times over the past few weeks involving men crushing on her. Most recently, fans suspected handsome British actor Damson Idris of courting the “My Type” rapper.

After Idris posted a video to his Instagram story of Saweetie playing the piano for him, fans could not get enough. Already envisioning. potential power couple, Twitter offered many opinions on the video. One fan was suspicious that Saweetie was faking her piano skills to impress Damson: “I know damn well she wasn’t playing any damn piano. ole typewriting faceass.”

Saweetie did not take kindly to those accusations, and soon rebutted with a new video of her showing off her piano-playing. She captioned the video with a kissing face emoji, just to season a little pettiness on the reply.

While there has been no other confirmation as to whether or not Idris and Saweetie are dating, many other celebrity men have coveted Saweetie.

First, in mid-October, Soulja Boy threw a diss at NBA Youngboy, and capitalized on that attention by shooting his shot at Saweetie, unfortunately not garnering a response from her.

The next week, Saweetie had to squash dating rumors with Roddy Ricch after they were seen sitting with each other at a Lakers game.

Nick Cannon also decided to inquire about Saweetie’s interest in him after tweeting about her baby fever. Saweetie never issued a response, but her fans were not happy about Cannon trying to have a kid with her.

Perhaps Idris will be the closest of all the recent candidates to achieving romance with Saweetie, but one thing is for sure: her piano skills are not up for debate.

Watch her response below.

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