Travis Scott first sparked the restaurant and musician corporate relationship when he launched his “Travis Scott Meal” at McDonald’s in Sept. 2020. By just providing Scott’s typical order at McDonald’s to fans with his name on it, the company took the internet by storm and brought in money and attention to both them and Travis.

This trend is now prominent, and Mariah Carey decided it was her turn to join the fun. As Carey is known for her holiday hits dominating the radio during Christmas season, McDonald’s decided she was the perfect fit for their new campaign.

Image provided by McDonalds

On Wednesday (Nov. 11), McDonald’s announced the new “Mariah Menu,” set to launch in the United States on Dec. 13. The partnership will last for 12 days, coinciding with the 12 days of Christmas, until Christmas Eve (Dec. 24).

For each day, McDonald’s will offer a free menu item with a minimum $1 purchase through the McDonald’s app. Each day of the 12 will offer a different item, including a six count of McNuggets, chocolate chip cookies or many other options.

Image provided by McDonalds

Mariah helped to promote her menu by releasing a TikTok with McDonald’s in which she sings their famed jingle at the end.

Along with this, Mariah interpolated her famed “All I Want For Christmas Is You” lyric to attract her fans to participate in the campaign in a YouTube video released by McDonald’s: “All I want for Christmas is for you to try the Mariah Menu at McDonald’s.”

Overall, the collaboration seems like a home run, meshing Mariah’s holiday lure with McDonald’s seasonal promotions. Most recently, Popeyes ran a successful promotion with Megan Thee Stallion’s “Hottie Sauce,” and Saweetie’s peculiar McDonald’s meal also went viral in July.

It doesn’t look like restaurants and musicians will stop joining forces any time soon, as Mariah Carey is the latest to cash in on the trend.