Cordae Calls Out Phony Black Entertainers: “It’s A Lot Of Oreo Ass N****s”

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Cordae is fed up.

Cordae has always been an advocate for Black issues in America. While fighting for these causes, he hopes that his peers in the music industry will show solidarity and support.

However, Cordae has not gotten that vibe lately, and sounded off on Twitter on Thursday (Nov. 11) about the tendencies of industry folk saying: “It’s a lot of Oreo ass n****s in this entertainment shit.”

He is likely touching on how Black entertainers have been consumed by white influence and act “Black” on the outside but now have white tendencies on the inside.

Before then, he let off a pair of tweets about how support for the Black community is only shown when it is convenient for people: “Most of these entertainers only pro black when it’s convenient. Or when it’s “cool”.”

While it isn’t know what prompted Cordae to lash out, these tweets come just days after he offered to support Howard University, a Historically Black college who has been in turmoil lately due to student protests about poor living conditions. Cordae tweeted to find ways he could help students financially: “Dear Howard students, how and where can I directly donate and or be of service to the cause ?”

Cordae is not new to this type of support either, as he was seen protesting the murder of Breonna Taylor last summer in Kentucky. He was actually arrested during the protest, but was able to dodge a felony charge.

Perhaps this two-faced behavior from his Black colleagues in the music industry is what led him to establish his own label Hi Level in May, 100% owned by him.

It seems as Cordae becomes a seasoned voice in the entertainment business, he learns more about its harsh reality.

Check out Cordae’s angry tweets below.

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