Following the tragedy at Astroworld Festival in Houston, Texas this weekend, where eight people lost their lives and over three hundred were treated for injuries following a massive crowd surge, rapper Travis Scott has canceled his upcoming performance at the Day N Vegas festival. According to an exclusive report by Variety, Scott will also be issuing full refunds to anybody who bought tickets to Astroworld.

Scott was scheduled to perform at Day N Vegas as a headliner on Saturday, November 13, but sources state that he is “too distraught to play.” The same source revealed that Scott is planning to issue full refunds to anybody who attended Astroworld.

Erika Goldring/Getty Images

As firsthand accounts reveal from the festival, Scott continued performing for thirty-seven minutes after the police described the situation at NRG Park as a “mass casualty” incident. There have been reports about somebody who stabbed a security guard with a needle and injected them with drugs. An investigation is reportedly open to determine whether more people were injected.

An official announcement has not been made about Scott’s decision to pull out of Day N Vegas. Scott was previously scheduled to be performing on the Frank Stage at the end of the night, but a replacement has not been revealed.

Already, several lawsuits have been filed against Scott and Live Nation, the organizer of Astroworld Festival. Drake was also sued by one man who was injured at Astrofest, claiming that Scott and Drake “incited mayhem” at the show.

We will continue to keep you updated on any news regarding the tragedy at Astroworld Festival.