London On Da Track Boasts About Money Made From Summer Walker’s Album

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London On Da Track is laughing to the bank with writing and production credits all over Summer Walker’s new album “Still Over It.”

Many of the songs on Summer Walker’s new studio album Still Over It, especially the scathing “4th Baby Mama,” are seemingly about the singer’s relationship with producer London On Da Track. While they were dating, fans experienced every bump in their love, and Summer is exposing all of the drama in her new music.

As many already know, London was instrumental in the creation of Summer’s first album Over It, which he executive produced. It turns out that, despite many of the songs being diss records against him on the follow-up, he also had a hand in the making of Still Over It, with his name being mentioned in the writing credits of ten tracks.

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Summer Walker‘s fans continue to slide into London’s comments to bash the producer for allegedly mistreating the singer during their relationship, and London is comfortably laughing to the bank amidst it all, joking on Instagram that he’s the first person to make money off of his own diss songs.

“London on Da Track the first n***a in history to get paid off his own diss album,” wrote London on Stories, quoting one of his fans. It was recently pointed out that the producer, whose real name is London Tyler Holmes, has writing credits on ten songs on the album.

“Fair exchange,” joked London in the caption.

Summer Walker’s Still Over It is presently on pace to become the highest-selling album from a female R&B artist since Beyoncé’s Lemonade. The album is expected to sell over 200,000 copies in its first week.

What do you think about London getting paid off his own diss album?

Screenshot via Spotify

Screenshot via Spotify

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