Lizzo Shares Adorable Throwback Photo With SZA

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SZA loved Lizzo’s birthday gift.

Lizzo and SZA are undoubtably two of the most exciting pop/R&B stars in today’s music landscape. They have each maintained a fruitful friendship with each other, and Lizzo revealed they go back several years.

On Wednesday morning (Nov. 8), Lizzo took to Twitter to post a side-by-side comparison of a years-old selfie of her and SZA, next to recent picture of them, joining in on the “How it started/How it’s going” trend.

The first photo looks like it is taken off an early smartphone based on its grainy quality, and it is easy to see how much younger Lizzo and SZA are based on their hairstyles and fashion. Fans were stunned at how long they had been acquainted.

Lizzo posted this photo on SZA’s 32nd birthday yesterday, as she also got her a year of free jet ski rides as a gift. SZA tweeted how appreciative she was of the gift, and Lizzo responded by saying she loved her.

Lizzo and SZA have spent a lot of time together and have always supported one another. For instance, during quarantine in April 2020, the two meditated on Instagram Live to promote positive vibes during that startling time.

On Valentine’s Day this year, they shared a photoshoot with matching red lingerie, including a photo used by Lizzo in her tweet yesterday.

Most recently, SZA showed an overwhelming admiration for Lizzo’s flawless features when she posted a nude photo of herself.

Lizzo and SZA friendship as always been strong and healthy, it was just such a surprise that they had been hanging out way efore being public about it.

Check out Lizzo’s post below.

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