Cardi B Gets Court Date Pushed Back For Defamation Case

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Cardi B and Tasha K have been going at it for over two years.

Cardi B has been getting her way lately in court. The two-year saga of her defamation case against vlogger Tasha K scored another point for the New York rapper today.

The two were supposed to battle it out in court today (Nov. 9) over Cardi’s $75,000 defamation of character/slander lawsuit against Tasha, first filed in March 2019.

Tasha K had been making preparations for the suit, hoping to get it done sooner rather than later, as she looked to prove that she was a reporter protected by first amendment rights. However, Cardi’s request to postpone the court meeting due to a “family emergency was approved,” and the trial has been moved to Jan. 5, 2022.

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Cardi’s suit against Tasha K stems from claims she made in a vlog on her popular unWinewithTashaK YouTube channel dedicated to celebrity gossip. She asserted that Cardi B was a prostitute, drug addict and had herpes.

By disclosing this personal health information and attacking Cardi’s character, Cardi alleges this harmed her reputation when she filed the defamation suit.

Tasha K then responded by counter-filing a $3 million lawsuit, alleging that Cardi B had sent Blood gang-affiliated members to intimidate and threaten her at her Atlanta home as well as online. The judge involved with the case threw out Tasha K’s suit claiming that Tasha did not do a good enough job of proving Cardi brought her any distress.

Cardi B keeps stacking up the wins in this rivalry, and her latest victory gives her more time to prepare for her lawsuit than she previously anticipated.

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