Summer Walker Fans Flood London On Da Track’s Comments After “Still Over It”

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Summer Walker’s fans are racing to London On Da Track’s comments on his social media pages to question him over her new album.

Everybody seemingly had the same idea after listening to Summer Walker’s new album Still Over It. The 25-year-old LVRN-signed singer poured her heart out yet again for us, treating the studio like a therapy session and venting about all of the messiness in her personal life, particularly in her romantic relationships. Throughout the album, there are lyrics that we can only assume are about London On Da Track, the father of Summer’s child, with whom she has had plenty of ups and downs over the years. She even had some words for the producer’s mother, telling her that she should have whooped him.

Well, after finishing the new album, hundreds of Summer Walker‘s fans raced to London’s comments on Instagram, Twitter, and his other social platforms to back up the R&B star, asking him why he did her like that and issuing warnings to treat her better in the future.

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“Really London??? Really?” echoed fans in his comments on Friday morning, just hours after Still Over It arrived on digital streaming platforms. “How could you make her SPEND HER WHOLE PREGNANCY ALONE,” asked another fan, reflecting on some of Summer’s lyrics on her album.

Have you heard Summer Walker‘s new album yet, and if you did, what are your current thoughts about London On Da Track? Did he do Summer dirty?

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