Kid Cudi Recalls “Bawling” When He Realized His “Brother” Kanye West Loved Him

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They were beefing at the time but when Ye publicly supported Cudi at his darkest hour, Cudi was overcome with emotion.

Their friendship spans over a decade and regardless of what they have endured in their personal lives, Kid Cudi continues to view Kanye West as his brother. West was instrumental in developing Cudi’s career, and now, fans will receive an even more intimate look. We previously reported on Cudi’s anticipated documentary A Man Named Scott, and the rapper caught up with the Los Angeles Times to detail what fans can expect.

In the feature, we’ll find several artists and industry professionals like Shia LaBoeuf and Dot Da Genius sitting down for interviews as they speak about their relationships with Cudi. A major component will be Cudi and Kanye as the documentary also details how each artist has impacted the other.

Kid Cudi, Kanye West
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“I was part of this new era of hip-hop along with artists like Kid Sister and the Cool Kids,” Cudi said. “We were just doing our own thing. I remember, I couldn’t sleep before my debut album came out. I thought I had made a mistake. I was like, ‘I’m too weird for them. People are not going to f— with this.’ And then [the album] hit and, you know, it happened how it happened.”

There was a time when Cudi was facing his personal demons that included his struggles with substance abuse, but despite it all, Ye remained one of Cudi’s biggest supporters. While he was still spiraling, Ye took to the stage to call his friend “the most important artist of the past 10 years.”

“My mom was visiting me,” Cudi told the L.A. Times. “And [she] came up to me and was like, ‘Look at this.’ And it was Kanye in concert. I started bawling my eyes out. Like I just started weeping like a big baby. Because we had fallen out and there was beef. But that’s my brother. I just kind of realized in that moment … I realized that he really loved me.”

Watch the trailer for A Man Named Scott below.


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