Kanye Talks Kim Kardashian & Taylor Swift, Smokes Blunt In “Drink Champs” Trailer

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Ye sits down for his first interview since dropping “Donda” and answers all those difficult questions about his controversies and career.

In a few hours, Kanye West’s appearance on Drink Champs will go live. Aside from his business moves and album release rollouts, West has been relatively quiet as he and his estranged wife Kim Kardashian work out the details of their divorce. The highly-publicized couple’s marriage has remained in headlines since the began dating back in 2008.

It isn’t just his marriage that will be brought up during this episode of Drink Champs; Noreaga and DJ EFN ask the tough questions—as previewed in the trailer—about several of West’s controversies over the years.

Kanye West
Robin Marchant / Stringer / Getty Images

The teaser has quickly made the rounds online and it shows portions of the conversation including mentioning Ye interrupting Taylor Swift during that infamous MTV Video Music Awards moment back in 2009. This is west’s first interview since the release of Donda, and the passionate rapper isn’t holding back and seems to be tackling his scandals head-on.

You’ll hear about those text messages that he leaked on Twitter, why he decided to cut his hair in patches, and by goodness, Ye felt comfortable enough to light up a blunt. “C’mon, you my Joe Rogan, let’s go!” West is seen saying in the teaser before puffing away. Be prepared to see a smiling, relaxed Kanye as well as a man who passionately defends his positions.

Check out the trailer below and we’ll keep you updated on the highlights from this Drink Champs episode.

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