Joe Budden’s Revelation Deemed “Peak 2021” Behaviour By Twitter

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Twitter users couldn’t believe when Budden announced this today.

Joe Budden‘s podcast is not new to making headlines. But, the magnitude of today’s announcement could reach an all-time high.

After Budden came out as bisexual today during an episode of The Joe Budden PodcastTwitter users soon had him skyrocket to the app’s “Trending” section because of it.

The first celebrity to react to Budden’s announcement was rapper Azealia Banks, who has never been fond of Buddem, and claimed she already knew he was bisexual.



Next, several users imagined how Boosie Badazz would react to Budden’s new LGBTQ identification. These responses are in light of Boosie’s recent displeasure with Lil Nas X‘s homosexual themes in his music and music videos, and subsequent drama resulting in it.



Users also attributed this news to the overall chaos of 2021, claiming the many unexpected events that have occurred this year may not be able to compare to the shock of this news.



Some also capitalized on the meme from 2020 that poked fun at Budden due to people confusing him with president Joe Biden.



Lastly, more people, similar to Azealia Banks, claimed they knew Budden was bisexual prior to his coming out, and expected this announcement to happen at some point.




It’s fair to say Joe Budden made waves all over social media by sharing his true sexuality.

How did you react to Joe Budden’s announcement?

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