Coi Leray Claps Back At People Calling Her A TikTok Artist

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The “No More Parties” rapper said she has a family to feed.

Since exploding onto the scene with “No More Parties” and its Lil Durk-assisted remix back in March, rapper Coi Leray has taken full advantage of every social media platform in promoting her new music.

Between seductive IG posts and tweets airing out some dirty laundry involving her family and romantic partners, Leray has never been shy about putting it all out there. However, while IG and Twitter are great platforms to reach large audiences, TikTok reigns supreme when it comes to music promotion.

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Because of the dance-based nature of the platform, it has become increasingly easier for songs and artists to blow up, and Leray has been a major beneficiary.

Posting TikToks with Lil BabyJustin Bieberand Snoop Dogg, among others, the “Twinnem” rapper has always made sure to keep up with the latest trends and push the latest dances and challenges linked with her songs. Unfortunately for Leray this has led to her labelling as a “TikTok artist” as opposed to a “real” rapper.

Recently taking to Twitter, Leray pushed back against the notion that she is just a TikTok artist, but acknowledged that she does use the platform as a promotional tool.

“Call me a tik tok artist, but just so you know. When an artist drops music, it gets uploaded to TikTok as well,” Leray said. “Whether they chose to promote and have fun with the record, that’s on them… but I got a family to feed, ima get mines regardless.”

While Leray kept it much more calm than in her previous responses to criticisms, she did make sure to let everybody know that she’s getting bread from all those TikTok videos. And in calling out other artists for not promoting their music on the platform, Leray made it clear that she is going to continue making that TikTok money.

This reserved-but-firm clap back at detractors comes on the heels of her father, Benzino, assuring that she had not passed him as a rapper, and is yet another example of the rap game attempting to destroy Leray’s credibility as an artist. Whether the hate will continue as time goes on and Leray evolves is yet to be seen, but at this point in time, it’s clear that not everybody is ready to let her have her cake and eat it, too.

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