Big Boi & Outkast Were Ready For Whatever At 1995 Source Awards: “We Got Hands”

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The Rap icon recalled getting booed by the crowd amid East vs. West beef and said Outkast “had people up there that took care of us.”

Hip Hop history is riddled with infamous moments from The Source Awards. It was there that fights would break out and tense moments were had as different rappers and their cliques were placed in the same room in the midst of their public beefs. In 1995, Outkast was the collective from the South that was just making music people could vibe to as “East vs. West” madness took over the industry.

During his recent 10 Questions with Kyle Brandt interview, Big Boi was questioned about Outkast’s big win at The Source Awards back in 1995 as the crowd booed them. “It was thick in there. It was a lotta beef goin’ on, you know. You just thought it would have been a stabbing or a shoot-out at any time,” said Big Boi.

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Yet, Outkast and their entourage were not intimidated. “We were just right there in the middle of it like, ‘A wish a motherf*cker would.’ Yep. Pretty much.” Big Boi added that they weren’t worried about their safety because “we was deep in there.” He added, “We had people up there that took care of us and you know, sh*t, we got hands, too!”

The host wanted Big Boi to explain what he meant. “We got some people that took care of us and we got hands, too, like ain’t nobody finna just get beat up. Not never.” Earlier this year, it was announced that The Source Awards would be returning in 2022. Watch the clip of Big Boi’s interview below.

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