Troy Ave Speaks On Alpo Martinez’s Death

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Troy Ave says he’s bringing back “The Facto Show” after the various reactions to Alpo Martinez’s death.

More information regarding the fatal shooting of Alpo Martinez has emerged since his death on Sunday. Investigators revealed that they found an ID of Abraham Rodriguez from Lewiston, Maine — his name under the WPP, according to REVOLT. Martinez entered the witness protection program after he was released from prison in 2015. The former kingpin ultimately became an informant for the federal government which got his sentence cut short.

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Though people like Rich Porter’s niece celebrated the news of Martinez’s passing, Troy Ave responded to the various reactions made across social media. Troy called out the “opinionated” bunch who don’t stand for a cause. “They gon be real opinionated on Alpo now that he dead,” he wrote with a facepalm emoji. “Picking and choosing is foe weak ass n****az y’all nor Alpha y’all only stand on the moment not for the cause. I’m bringing the facto show back for balance in the media.”



The Facto Show was a podcast hosted by Troy Ave that has seemingly gone on hiatus.

Alpo Martinez was shot and killed in Harlem this past weekend after he was reportedly leaving the club. The latest reports about his death revealed that he had reportedly worn a mask to the Halloween party in an attempt to conceal his identity. 

We’ll keep you posted on more information on the passing of Alpo Martinez.

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