Chloe Bailey Opens Up About Combating Internet Haters & Her Solo Career In New Interview

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Bailey talked about her solo career, being mentored by Beyoncé, and dealing with haters on The Dotty Show.

Being a worldwide superstar at the age of 23 isn’t easy – Chloe Bailey can attest to that. Today, November 2nd, the “Have Mercy” singer joined The Dotty Show on Apple Music to talk about everything from the debut of her solo career to her iconic performance at the MTV VMAs a few weeks back.

At the end of her performance, the Atlanta native made headlines for her sultry microphone lick (which even caught the attention of Gunna), although she says she “doesn’t remember” the iconic moment. During her chat today, Bailey revealed that she’s “proud” of the show that she put on that night.

“I am so proud of myself with that performance. I didn’t trip. God is good. I sang. I was like, woo. But I can’t wait for more, and to just keep upping my game, and perfecting my craft, and my performing, and my dancing, and all of that,” she told Apple Music.

It’s been some time since “Have Mercy” first hit streamers now, but when release date rolled around, Bailey said that she was “very nervous,” and that her team worked on edits for the track up until the very last second. “I didn’t know if people would like the rest of the song, if they felt it was over hyped on TikTok for so long, and it just didn’t live up to everyone’s expectations. I was nervous about all of that,” she shared.

As far as criticism online goes, the vocalist admitted that if she’s having a bad mental health day, harsh words can get the best of her. Luckily, she’s coming to terms with the fact that she can’t please everyone, and that’s okay.

“Say I did everything perfect, which no one else can, but say I did, still not everyone would like it. And I think that’s something that all of us as human beings have to realise. That we can’t please everybody, but as long as we please ourselves, then it’s all right,” Bailey told listeners.

It’s no secret that the 23-year-old has one of the best mentors in the game – Beyoncé. “I remember I was five years old in the stands watching her perform along with Missy Elliott and Alicia Keys, but I just remember seeing her and I’m like, that’s what I want to do,” she recalled.

“Without her I would not be here. She has inspired me. My family inspires me. My god-mum inspires me. There’s just so many incredible women in my life that remind me daily how I am special and how I should never settle for less.”

Check out Chloe Bailey’s full interview on The Dotty Show below.

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