Cardi B Says Current Rappers “Need To Stop Doing Lean And Smoking Weed”

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Cardi B goes on Instagram Live rant about the monotonous current state of rap and how her club music is missed.

It has been nearly three and a half years since Cardi B‘s most recent studio album Invasion of Privacy, which took home the 2019 Grammy for Rap Album of the Year. Since then, she has released one or two singles a year, which usually find their way near the top of the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

But, in her absence from frequently releasing hits, Cardi is convinced the game needs her back. In an Instagram Live from early this morning, Cardi rattled off a spiel about how many of today’s rappers sound alike due to their persistent drug use, and that her club-oriented music could be what’s missing at this point in time.

In this video she points out a gap in the current rap scene that she knows can only be filled with the type of music she makes.

“I know what n****s is missing in the club. Me! They missing me, they missing my music,” she said. “And now that I’m in the game and everything and I be seeing all these muthaf**kas on Twitter like, ‘You need to have rap, you need to have bars, you need to have this…’ I want to make music to turn the f**k up, ’cause when I go to the club, that’s what n****s wanna hear.”

While she did not specify which rappers she was dissing in this clip, she explained that the general population of hot rappers at the moment are essentially depressed drug addicts.

“I feel like we keep hearing the same song over and over and over again,” she said. “These rappers nowadays, all of them wanna die. They all wanna die. All these n****s need to stop doing lean and smoking weed. You know, this the thing about these rappers, right? They got money and they start buying too much motherf**king weed, and too much lean and they make that slow shit.”

After receiving backlash for these statements, Cardi took to Twitter to clarify that some artists can achieve the best of both worlds, and there is a place for lyrically focused music in the club when done properly: “I just want a balance sorry if I worded things wrong. I just love music that drop hard and turn the club up like dreams & nightmare & First day out by tee grizzly. A perfect balance of rap and turn up.”



Hopefully Cardi has some new music on the way, because if what she says is true, then we need those club bangers A.S.A.P. You can watch her entire Instagram Live rant below.

How do you feel about Cardi’s take on rap nowadays?

[Via Complex]

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