Bryson Tiller Drops “KILLER INSTINCT 2: The Nightmare Before”

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Bryson Tiller releases the sequel to 2011’s “Killer Extinct” for the 10-year anniversary.

Bryson Tiller emerged as a fan favorite with the release of his project, T R A P S O U L but since its release, the singer has remained largely lowkey. That is until it’s time to pop out again. As fans anticipate the release of his forthcoming project, Serenity, Tiller delivered a brand new project this morning for his day-one fans to commemorate the 10-year anniversary of his mixtape, Killer Extinct.

Teaming up with DJ E-Dub, Bryson Tiller has now unveiled Killer Extinct 2: The Nightmare Before. The project is loaded with 13 songs in total and appearances from Marzz and Julius Keith.

The mixtape was released on Live Mixtapes and through a private link on Soundcloud shared by Tiller.

Check out the tracklist below.

  1. First Call
  2. Fall In Love
  3. Money Dance
  4. The Art Of Storytelling
  5. Kentucky Shit ft. Julius Keith
  6. Gravity
  7. Second Call
  8. On Top
  9. Are You Listening? Ft. Marzz
  10. Keep It Simple
  11. Bad Timing
  12. Ready Payer One
  13. Last Call

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