During the second Donda listening session in Atlanta, fans were surprised to hear a lengthy monologue by Larry Hoover Jr., the son of Gangster Disciples co-founder, Larry Hoover.

During the monologue included on “Jesus Lord”, Hoover explains that his father, serving six life sentences for a “1973 murder along with charges of exortion, conspiracy, and money laundering,” has not called any shots for the famous Chicago gang since being imprisoned, and will not call any shots for the Gangster Disciples should he be released from prison.

Hoover Jr. thanks Ye for “taking the fight for (his) father to the Oval Office,” and in a recent appearance on the Drea O Show, he explained how he ended up on Donda in the first place.

“I have a friend of mine who is a close friend of Kanye’s,” Hoover Jr. said, noting that he is friends with rapper GLC, who appeared on The College Dropout‘s “Spaceship.”

“GLC came to speak with Kanye, and Kanye is from the city and Kanye also believes my father could make a change in the city. He started making efforts towards helping my father out. I went to see him when he was doing this show, and he called me like, ‘Why don’t you put something on the album?’,” Hoover Jr. explained. “I was in Atlanta to go to the show … I had to go to the lab and get my thoughts together … I definitely had to pen it, but I put something together … I wrote it and sent it to him, and I didn’t know if it was going to be used or not.”

Hoover Jr. added that it was strange that Mike Dean is the one who recorded him, as Dean had recorded “A Visit With Larry Hoover” for the Geto Boys two-and-a-half decades prior to Donda.

Paras Griffin/Getty Images

Despite not knowing if his monologue would make the cut, Hoover Jr. told Drea O that it was important that he did make it, and that it was important for the world to hear about Larry Hoover the human, instead of Larry Hoover, the founder of the Gangster Disciples.

“I still didn’t know if it was on the album, cause the album hadn’t been released it was a listening party and he was trying to decide what to use … It was an exciting situation. Plus a nervous situation, I don’t like hearing myself or watching myself. But it was a good thing, and to hear the people felt what I was saying … It made my father seem like a human being, they only knew him as Larry Hoover, leader of the Gangster Disciples.”

Hoover Jr.’s gratitude for Ye’s including him on the album is obvious, and with J. Prince’s recent revelation that Ye and Drake, despite their ongoing “beef,” are cooking up a plan to help Hoover Sr., it’s looking like his piece at the end of “Jesus Lord” might have more of an impact than even he could have imagined.

Check out Hoover Jr.’s appearance on the Drea O Show below, and let us know what you think of his Donda appearance down in the comments.