Westside Gunn Checks DJ Who Says His Catalog Doesn’t Have Classics

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The DJ claims that “nobody even knows” Gunn’s “work like that globally,” and the Buffalo emcee jumped in with a quick reminder.

We have always said that the Griselda crew is one of the hardest working collectives in Hip Hop and their talents are undeniable. Westside Gunn is a respected lyricist in addition to making business moves, so when someone attempted to target him and downplay his catalog, the Buffalo icon quickly returned to put them in their place.

After Gunn demanded respect for his classics, an Instagram user jumped in to comment, “They got to stop with saying Classics. Nobody even knows your work like that globally.”

Westside Gunn, Benny The Butcher
Bennett Raglin / Stringer / Getty Images

Westside Gunn had a few minutes to spare so he checked out his critic’s profile and replied, “Wait so u a DJ and a Dancer how does that work [thinking emoji]?” The social media user tools him “it’s called multi-talented” before dubbing Gunn a “one trick pony.” Fans quickly told the DJ to give Gunn his flowers and to “put some respeck on his name,” and the rapper closed out the dialogue by putting his detractor in his place.

“Hahaha n*gga u know how many businesses I own,” he wrote. “How much I’m worth just in real estate, f*ck this rap sh*t [crying laughing emojis] U wearing big ass RocNation hats ain’t gonna do sh*t, wait hold up this one trick Pony is with Roc Nation [face palm emoji] make sure u get the Roc Nation HOV be wearing u know the one this one trick pony designed [crying laughing emojis].”

It doesn’t look like the DJ had much else to say. Check it out below.

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