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T-Pain Enlists The Help Of Twitch Followers For “I’m Cool With That”

Nappy Boy Entertainment/EMPIRE

Nappy Boy Entertainment/EMPIRE

The “I’m N Luv” singer says he made the track from scratch with his followers on Twitch.

Yesterday, it was announced that T-Pain had entered into a partnership with streaming platform Twitch, and that a new song would drop to celebrate the occasion.

According to Pain, who had already been an avid Twitch streamer before the partnership, the celebratory track titled “I’m Cool With That,” was made entirely from scratch, with the assistance of his own Twitch followers. Explaining that he had made the record in collaboration with his followers while on a live stream, Pain debuted the song last night during a separate live stream on the platform.

“I’m Cool With That,” is a reserved track featuring acoustic strings and the “Buy U A Drank” singer pouring out his emotions to a special someone. Mentioning the cuffing season phenomenon, Pain sings about the difficulties of the in-between period before a relationship really becomes a relationship, especially when it requires you to hop on a plane to Vegas on short notice. Singing “You keep doing me wrong, I’m still rooting you on,” T-Pain dives all-the-way into the pain of supporting someone without getting the same support back.

Quotable Lyrics
I don’t know why you need me to get on this flight, but alright
Vegas ain’t a hop and a skip, you can’t just come right back, tonight
I got the private on the runway, tell your girl to come play, I know she want a few stacks

Check out T-Pain’s Twitch chat-assisted “I’m Cool With That” below and let us know what you think in the comments.

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