Morray Reveals How Drake Made Him Fall In Love With Hip-Hop

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Morray recently spoke to HNHH about his biggest influences.

Morray’s rise to fame over the last year or so has been incredibly fun to watch as he continues to deliver catchy new tracks that show off his singing and storytelling abilities. Earlier this year, he dropped a new album called Street Sermons and he even got featured on the new J. Cole project. Needless to say, things are going very well for the artist, and he is excited to continue his journey in the industry.

Recently, we got to chop it up with Morray on the latest episode of On The Come Up. During the episode, we asked him about his musical influences, and as you will read, he was always a huge fan of Drake. The Canadian artist’s sound is responsible for changing the landscape of hip-hop, and it’s something that Morray was drawn to from the jump.


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“So Far Gone by Drake because he utilized his singing and rapping together,” Morray explained. He featured on his own songs, he sang his own hooks, and he rapped his own verses. At the time I was struggling with whether I wanted to be a rapper or a singer and that album put everything in perspective. My favorite song on that album was “Say What’s Real” and it makes so much sense now that I’m actually rapping… It’s weird.”

During his childhood, Morray also got to hear a lot of gospel and r&b music. This ultimately helped shape his voice, and you can still hear those influences in his music today. It just goes to show that a well-rounded music taste will make you a better artist in the long run.

You can read our interview with Morray, here.

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